We Have You Covered!


The world is full of colour and if you stop to think about it, our moods are dramatically affected by those colours around us. It's defined our lives and spaces for thousands of years, has been used to mark territories and tribes, has decorated our surroundings and our bodies and has been used to depict wealth, social status, culture and style. That's why some people find it quite difficult selecting paint colours during a renovation with the limitless possibilities offered to us today.

Because a house is more than a roof over our heads, we want to ensure that the colours we do choose, suit our lifestyle and our personalities while evoking the mood that fits the space in the room about to be transformed. Is it a spa-like retreat you are trying to create, an energized filled media room or a thoughtful, conversational space meant for deep discussions? Colour is powerful and can be calming or passionate and can change moods and leave impressions on all who view it. No wonder, it can be a painstaking chore to choose that perfect shade.

Sherwin Williams tries to make it a bit easier on the consumer and has made a list of the top 50 colours, so if you have no idea which colour to choose, they give you a place to start.

Start with the practicality of the room. What is it to be used for, who will use it and at what time of the day? What's the lighting like and what are the features of the room that are permanent that affect the overall style or mood of the room? Then break down the colours that answer those questions, for example; if you love rich hues and live with passion in everything you do, then go bold with lush hues that represent your personality and style and surround yourself with shades that warm your heart. If you are looking to create a relaxing, calming environment, opt for soft hues in your favourite colour and create a haven to calm the soul and refresh the mind.

Once you have evaluated the features of the room and have chosen a colour, it's time to find the right paint for the job. How durable does it need to be, what finish would suit it best and of course, the budget always needs to be considered as well. With the line up that Sherwin Williams offers, there's something for everyone including Harmony, a Zero VOC formula that is perfect for those with allergies or for those wanting a premium paint for nurseries or commercial care facilities. Not only does Harmony not contain the common paint odours, but the scientific formula actually assists in removing other VOC's from the surrounding space that may be present in carpet, fabrics or insulation etc.

The line up is rounded off with several lines quality paints in flat, matte, eggshell, satin and semi-gloss finishes and also includes SnapDry, a quick drying paint for interior or exterior painting and features UV protection, durability and of course quick drying time for those speedy jobs that need to be done before Aunt Doris arrives for tea.

Whatever you project, whatever your need and whatever your budget, SW has you AND your walls covered.

Kelly Hammond