Let's Talk Schluter


As the days shorten and the colours change, preparing us for the cooler temperatures of the upcoming season, we tend to take longer to get out of bed and get the coffee on...and it's not always because of the lack of light...but the THOUGHT of stepping out of bed onto that cold floor to trudge to the kitchen and put the pot on.

There is nothing like stepping out onto cosy warm floors on a cool fall morning and Schluter has perfected the system with DITRA-HEAT that allows you to customize your heated floor system and put the heat exactly where you want it. The heat cables just snap into the membrane that gets adhered to your subfloor which means you have complete control on where your heat is placed.

Now just because Schluter designed DITRA-HEAT for use under stone and ceramic surfaces, doesn't mean they stopped there. They have done rigorous testing on other flooring surfaces like engineered woods, luxury vinyls, laminates and composites with great heat conductivity results. All of our flooring here at Refined is rated acceptable for radiant floor heating, so you aren't limited to flooring OR where you want heat!

Bring your design, bring your bare feet and let us warm you up to Fall with Schluter!

Kelly Hammond