Creating an Oasis


Is your bathroom one of those rooms that you cringe when you walk into or shut the door when company is over, hoping no one asks to use it? Maybe it's outdated, void of character and starting to look tired no matter how many times you clean it or put in nice new towels and accessories.

The bathroom is a pain point for many and we get people in on a daily basis wandering through our showroom looking for inspiration and ready to make a change but have no idea where to start. The bathroom is that one space that we start and end our day in and it should reflect you, your personality and lifestyle. Do you want it to invigorate and energize you, or do you need it to be serene and calming? If you are like most people, you need a nice blend of both to start the day off on the right foot and bring you back down when your day is done. This can be done no matter what your style.

If you are considering transforming your bathroom, there are many elements to consider like layout, lighting, finishes, flooring, colour palette, mirrors, vanities and fixtures but for a truly luxurious transformation, start with the show stopper and choose your tub. With the options available, any style and any budget can be accommodated and the journey to your oasis can be an enjoyable one. From innovative wall mounts to impressive freestanding options, leading North American supplier MAAX has a wide range of shapes, sizes and installations to suit everyone's needs.

MAAX states that "freestanding bathtubs have become increasingly popular. At one time considered a luxury that was reserved for the rich and famous, these bathtubs are now more accessible than ever, with models available for all tastes and budgets." Freestanding bathtubs can add impact and a focal point to any bathroom and with focus on style AND comfort, MAAX delivers designs that are made to be appreciated and enjoyed for years.

There are a number of practical factors to consider when deciding which freestanding bathtub to buy and it's not just about shape and style. When you consider your layout, make sure you measure for the size of tub that will fit into the space you have available and make sure that the size of tub that fits the space also fits you! With the size and shape options offered through MAAX, there is sure to be the perfect fit for your space, even if it's replacing a previous alcove tub...but make sure that that tub that fits the space still delivers the comfort and space required for you and your family members to get the maximum use and enjoyment out of it. Consider the type of tub needed for your application and installation whether it be a sleek one piece or a more flexible two piece unit that can accommodate features like deck mount tub fillers and massage systems. Choose your material based on your style and needs from acrylic to stone and everything in between. Each specific manufactured material offers features and functions that can impact your decision when considering durability, heat retention, maintenance and weight.

Now that practicality is considered, put some serious thought into the features that can completely transform your bathroom into a true oasis of comfort and luxury. Not only do you have air and water massage options for features, but have a peek at MAAX's Chromatherapy options and discover the power of colours to totally relax and rejuvenate your body and your mind.

Kelly Hammond