Renovating to Sell?


Realtors will always tell you...kitchens and bathrooms are what can sell the home. If the house is solid and sound but just needs some updating, then definitely start with the kitchen and the bathrooms, but choose finishes and product wisely. Just because you are listing, doesn't mean you choose the cheapest product out there, you still need to keep design and quality in mind to make that statement and sell that home.

When updating the bathrooms, look at what works in the space and can stay. What is on the floor and what is the condition of the flooring? How about the bathtub or the shower, does it all need to be ripped out and revamped? What about the lighting? That is a very important element that is often overlooked. Regardless of the extent of the renovations or upgrades needed, enlist the help of professionals to redesign the space and make it efficient, on trend and on budget.

Start with the design and consider how that room will be used. Is it an en suite that needs more storage, a double vanity and better vanity lighting or is it a guest bathroom that doesn't need a lot of storage but needs better flow to the space and more creativity in design? This is the perfect time to make the physical changes needed to make the space more efficient and functional, then get to the style and the finishes. If you are doing a complete remodel and need to tile the entire space, choose a neutral palette but maybe opt for tiles with similar colour and change them up in the size,shape, pattern or texture of the tiles depending on the application. For example, you can choose a line of tile with several options that can mix and match but still work well together for a seamless bend of colour and style. Maybe start with a fabulous 12" x 24" tile in Daltile's Articulo Collection in Column Grey on the floor, and use the same tile in a large 4" x 16" subway tile for the shower walls and add in a detailed brick mosaic pattern, herrringbone or textured wave tile that outlines and features the fabulous new shower system. Complete the look with a corresponding geometric mosaic on the shower base that pulls colours in from the other elements of the space as well. Add in a solid, darker tone vanity with a durable finish for easy maintenance and finish it off with chrome fixtures and hardware to create movement with light and elevate the style with a touch of modern and class, while keeping it down to earth and inviting.

Whatever the extent of the project, keep your options in line with the overall style of the home and choose a neutral palette with clean lines so potential buyers can envision themselves there and feel the space working for their family. Choose timeless style and quality finishes that enhance the room and offer functionality but keep creativity in mind as well so that the final product shows design features that draw the buyer in and makes your home...the ONLY choice!

Kelly Hammond