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Quartz countertops are renowned for their hardness, versatility, beauty and resistance which makes this surface an essential in any application of your home. With it's abundant supply found deep within the earth's crust and being one the the hardest minerals in nature, it has overtaken the design industry for not only countertops but floors and wall applications as well.

This engineered stone is formed by combining and then baking, approximately 90% ground quartz along with binding agents and pigments. Under heat and pressure, this process then produces a non porous, durable slab that is resistant to heat, stains, scratching, water and bacteria that is easy to maintain and comes in a almost endless array of colours and design options.

With more strength, durability and colour options than natural stone slabs, it becomes not only more aesthetically creative in design and style but resilient in every application. It's not only the ideal choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops but widely used in other applications such as wall, floor and even furniture applications as well.

Here at Refined Kitchen and Bath, we carry premium lines, offering solutions for every room and every budget that fit any style. Looking to update your kitchen backsplash or bathroom? Come in and look at your options for vertical applications on a larger scale. Full height backsplashes or wall panels for your custom shower project can offer sleek lines, less grout, ease of maintenance and stunning aesthetic appeal.

In addition to the larger format for vertical applications like feature walls, shower panels or custom furniture cladding, we also carry lines of engineered stone products that can be transformed into a custom shower base, sink or vanity.

The options are endless, the sky is the limit!

Whatever your vision...let's bring them to you from the ground up....literally!

Kelly Hammond