Cleaning Up Your Bathroom Design


Not everyone is in the market for a complete bathroom renovation but there are some quick updates that can be done to tired bathrooms that need a little freshening up.

The most obvious bathroom update is to replace the old with the new when it comes to accessories. Add in some colour and style with new towels, a new bath mat and shower curtain or toss in some trendy storage ideas for toiletries and laundry. For a little more pow to the powder room... a quick splash of paint can certainly transform your space, as will new lighting fixtures or replacing tired, grungy grout.

But one trick that can really elevate and bring style into the space that a lot of consumers don't think of, is to replace your faucets and shower fixtures. Not only will it shine brighter with a new chrome faucet or get trendy with a sleek matte black finish, but your fixtures will most likely be more efficient and functional as well.

With today's bathroom trends and design ideas, the options and combinations are endless! Why not opt for a mixed finish lavatory faucet in black and chrome and pair it with a new dual finish shower system that not only looks sleek...but functions equally so. Canadian company Kalia offers well priced, well constructed fixtures for any application. Two of their collections, the Kontour and the Grafik offer these trendy mixed finishes with bold lines that blend with any style and make a statement even before you turn them on.

The best feature...all shower systems through Kalia contain Aquatonik Technology, allowing you to pre-set your water temperature, operate up to three components at a time, it reacts quickly and keeps pressure and temperature constant for the perfect shower every time, regardless of what the rest of the household is doing. If updating the faucets isn't enough, switch out the accessories and towel bars and opt for new matching shower doors for a complete transformation. If you need more light in your life, consider Kalia's collection of unique mirrors that not only add a modern touch to your decor, but provide the perfect lighting any time of day with their 2 tone warm or cool LED lit mirrors that switch with the touch of a button. With the variety of styles and options available, there is sure to be one to blend in subtly and elegantly with any decor at a price you can afford.

Easy to install and backed with a lifetime warranty, Kalia offers bathroom fixtures that are smart and an economical solution to ease your pressure problems and create that oasis you desire in the style you dream of.

Kelly Hammond