Stylish Quartz from Silestone - Designed with Nature in Mind


When you are trying to pick the perfect surface for your kitchen counter top or bathroom vanity, it can be a time consuming journey with all of the options for colour, surfaces and products available. Before choosing the product, consider the usage, your lifestyle and your budget to narrow down your options between natural or engineered stone. Nature produces the most stunning colours and patterns and although not necessarily the highest price point when it comes to surfaces with some of the magnificent engineered stone available, there are differences between the two when it comes to maintenance and durability.

You cannot go wrong with either surface as they will both enhance your home in value and aesthetics but if durability and low maintenance suits your lifestyle better, then Quartz is your best option and Silestone by Cosentino is an industry leader when it comes to this premium product.

Silestone boasts extreme durability making it virtually maintenance free with it's scratch, stain and impact resistant surfaces. Unlike natural Granite surfaces, Quartz surfaces never need to be sealed as is a non-porous product resistant to bacteria growth and stains, making a safe and hygienic option for many applications. Because it is an engineered product and manufactured with the highest quality ingredients, it offers slabs in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses, colours, textures and patterns making it an extremely versatile and desirable choice for every application from counter tops, shower bases and walls, flooring, interior wall and furniture cladding as well as custom designed pieces.

Silestone constantly reinvents itself by adding new collections, colours and finishes that will compliment any style or design. The new Eternal Collection is inspired by the exotic natural stones of the world and will add a touch of timeless beauty to your space while the industrial era inspired Loft Series will provide the rugged, raw textures found in building materials that highlight the character of your design. Whether your look is classic, eccentric, modern or other, Silestone has a quality surface for your next design whatever the application.

Luxurious stone with endless creative options makes Silestone by Cosentino your obvious choice for your next project.

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Kelly Hammond