Refining your Muskoka Kitchen


Modern in Muskoka

Looking to update your kitchen and bring a touch of modern to your Muskoka style? Living in, and loving Muskoka doesn't mean you need to restrict your style to the typical iconic pieces that we've all come to love over the years and slowly transition into our home. The chunky, richly toned wooden furniture and distressed shaker cabinetry has defined the "Muskoka" style for several years, but there are so many ways, both subtle and dramatic that can used to update your space and still keep your Muskoka elements. 

The kitchen has always been the "Heart of the Home" but it also needs to be functional and comfortable, a space you want to spend time in, gather with friends and unwind from the stresses of our busy lives. Kitchens have been trending to white on white for a few years now and not everyone wants a completely white kitchen but keeping colours and lines light and fresh can work well with our typical Muskoka elements and blend colours, styles and design together beautifully into your own unique space. 

Elevate your design by choosing clean line cabinetry but opt for warm wooden tones in a slab style and pair it with a solid coloured cabinet to ground your space and give it depth. Try opening up the space by opening up or eliminating excess upper cabinets and instead, utilize open cabinetry or floating shelves in natural or antique wood to display your favourite pottery or treasures from the kids. Make a design statement and instead of traditional subway tile for a back splash, opt for a more contemporary style and try larger scale or geometric tiles or even full panels of stone slabs as a back splash. With the amazing options for interior cabinet storage accessories, you will never miss reaching up to grab that old platter out from the top cupboard again. Every space can be optimized and organized while keeping clutter behind doors.

If you still love your cabinets but still need an update to your space, then opt for a face lift with a new quartz countertop with a waterfall edge on your island or new metal hardware on your cabinets to completely transform the look of your kitchen. 

Blend the best of both styles, the warmth of Muskoka and the minimalist elements of the modern design to refine your space and create your own dramatic style that's uniquely yours.

Kelly Hammond