Measure Twice, Purchase Once!


Thinking About New Appliances?

If you are planning a major renovation to your kitchen and are updating your appliances, it can be a daunting experience with the options available today.  Appliances can be a huge portion of your budget and can be costly if you don't choose wisely and do your homework ahead of time.

First, consider your space and the layout of your design then start to play with it to make sure what you have on your wish list, will actually work in your space. Take all the measurements of the unit, the height, the width and the depth but then make sure you consider the space AROUND that unit too! Can you open the wall oven door and still have space to set the turkey down on the counter without bumping into the island? How wide does the refrigerator door open and will it impede a walkway or hit a wall or cabinet? So take all of the measurements into account, not just the unit itself.

Next determine your budget and start browsing items that fit into that budget. Most retail store will offer discounts for package pricing, like we do here at Refined Kitchen and Bath. We can source all pieces through our supplier at Distinctive so that size, finish, style and functionality can work together within your budget. Then we suggest you check reviews, but even better yet, drop into our supplier showroom and have a look at not only the style, but ask the professionals questions like warranty, energy efficiency, maintenance and feature benefits. We are fortunate to have a supplier with working units on site so you can actually operate them to see how they will work for you in your space and in your lifestyle.

If budget isn't a concern for you and you are particular about keeping your kitchen style clean and minimalist, consider choosing panel ready appliances that can have cabinetry installed on the door fronts for a streamlined look and integrates the appliance into the kitchen design.  In addition to the typical larger appliances, add some luxury to your design and consider a built-in wine fridge or convection/steam oven or a range with multiple baking, broiling or grilling functions for those that love to entertain. 

With smaller appliances, consider your electrical placement when redesigning and look at possibly adding an appliance garage that can stash your small appliances away when not in use, but can be easily accessed by opening a cabinet and rolling it out.

With so many design ideas and appliance options in every style, start early, do your homework and then make an appointment with our supplier showroom in Mississauga, Ontario to check out your options, have your questions answered and give your new appliance a try before you buy!

Kelly HammondComment