Muskoka Modern


It's been almost 6 months since we have opened the doors to Refined Kitchen and Bath and the renovating fever is still high! We have had VERY few days since opening that someone hasn't walked through the doors asking for assistance with a new renovation. Bathrooms, kitchens, flooring, tile, counter name it...people are updating it! The majority of these clients are coming in looking to transition away from the traditional and into the trendy but there's always that hesitation when they use that word "trendy". People think short lived and worry that the "industrial" or "modern" look that they are leaning towards isn't going to be around for many years and will they tire of it and will want it changed out again. Well "trendy" doesn't necessarily mean "short lived" as trends in fashion, design and architecture are ever evolving and each design style has the ability to be enhanced and tweaked to make it unique to you and your lifestyle to be enjoyed for years to come!

Let's look at the "Industrial" and "Modern" design elements that customers are requesting these days. People are looking for clean lines, open spaces, minimal detail and less clutter. Lives are busy and overwhelming, people are looking for "less" now and need fewer design details, items and elements when they get home at the end of the day...we all want streamlined and tranquil to balance the chaos of life on the outside. Now these two "styles" may evoke a certain look in your mind but the basics of these styles are clean lines and minimal detail...a "less is more" approach . This is a great place to start when transitioning into a new style, start with these design basics and then build on it to create your own look with your own elements that will keep you loving it long after the so called "trend" evolves.

Modern and Industrial design styles both tend to have a neutral base allowing you to bring your own pops of your desired colour and style into your accents and feature pieces. Modern tends to be based on a cooler neutral palette while Industrial pulls the warm tones and worn elements of past times into the space. This means Muskoka Modern can really be a fabulous blend of these two basic styles! Clean lines in cabinetry and furniture, slimmer profile for countertops with clean eased edges, less detail in trim and casings and then bring in the warmth by using some mixed metals, distressed finishes and worn wooden pieces to accent. These weathered and warm accents can blend beautifully with high polished fixtures and modern sleek appliances or furniture.

Desire the "look" of worn wood but need the durability of tile or luxury vinyl? No problem...we have multiple sources with endless options for any look in any material.

Drop into Refined to see how you can blend the design elements of any style and add in your own touches to create a look truly your own.

Kelly Hammond